Picture Maker


I am a painter. I paint to play, to surprise myself, and to uncover something new from inside myself.


My earliest influences were graphic cartoons such as Rocky and Bullwinkle. Both my forms and the quality of my lines are directly connected to these cartoons. It is important to me that my forms have a certain casualness of character to them, an awkward gesture. I make what I call big dumb shapes. This is hard to explain, but it is this awkwardness  that makes the work feel very human -- a big lumbering oaf, sincerely trying to do what is right and just missing the mark.


 I live in the Pacific Northwest, and see mountains, water, clouds, and gray skies.These are the things that I paint, this is my current palette. Monumental forms can invoke a certain awe in humans, like the grand emotion of standing before large bodies of water. In my new work, the environment itself has become a big rough-hewn character, a character in crisis.


 I am interested in documenting nature as a resource which is quickly disappearing, but I am also interested in manipulating pictorial space to create a sense of imbalance, a space that is not quite what one would find in the world. This imbalance  causes the brain to flip from seeing pictorial depth to seeing two- dimensional paint on canvas.  I want this imbalance to convey what it is I feel in the world today.